By: Russ Young, Whitehorse Ministry

Poverty is a deeply rooted issue. Generation after generation of families are stuck in the cycle of poverty, and don’t have a path to break the cycle. When young moms in poverty find themselves in crisis, they have no support system to turn to and often end up on the streets.

Russ Young

92% of women who are homeless have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse. When they don’t have care and support, they are left feeling empty and worthless. Most homeless shelters offer simply that, shelter, without any guidance or support to change the trajectory of a life. At Mary’s Home we provide more than shelter. Families receive both medical and behavioral health services. They are welcomed into a safe, trauma-informed place to heal. Beyond healing we provide hope through life skill classes and access to college classes. Mary’s Home offers a chance to break the cycle and rewrite stories.

Whitehorse Ministry’s mission is the raise awareness and funds for Mary’s Home by hosting our first Ride the Dream Charity Run on May 11th. Our ride will start and end at Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson in Colorado Springs with BBQ meals available, live music and. All riders are WELCOME and all riders who pre-register will also get one of our Ride the Dream t-shirts with their registration.