By: Stormy

I love this expression, “Couples that ride together, stay together.” When you are a motorcycle enthusiast, having your partner enjoy motorcycle riding is important and sometimes a deal breaker. I strongly feel it’s important to bein a relationship with someone who has a shared interest like riding motorcycles; it doesn’t matter if they ride their own, just the fact that you two are doing what you love together. It will give you something to talk about when alone or with your friends who also have that shared interest. This will ultimately create a bond. With this bond and affinity, you will probably discover more common interests. This could be a foundation to start a friendship that can grow into something more intimate, but it’s important to understand that there must also be a manifestation of common attributes at a deeper level. Undoubtedly, you will see this as you go deeper into the relationship.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend, Caron, who has been riding for over 30 years. Her man got into a motorcycle wreck and has not been riding since the accident. When they make plans for the weekend and she wants to ride, Caron will make plans without him, essentially choosing riding as a priority. Caron said, “He is more than welcome to meet me at the final stop for a drink or dinner, but I am riding!”

I also asked my friend Moon on her thoughts of sharing the love of riding with her husband. She boasts, “Couples that ride together find simple common ground to build connectivity, friendship, and deep love.” She rode her own motorcycle for many years, and now loves riding on the back of her husband’s bike. “I must boast, being a passenger with my husband these days has been most rewarding,” Moon explains, “the closeness, security, clear mind, and free spirit out on the road puts you two on your own level.”

I thought it would be interesting to get a male point of view on this topic, so I asked my biker friend Michael his thoughts on why it is important that a couple have a shared interest, such as motorcycle riding. Michael said, “Their shared interest, such as riding, helps them bond, and they will equally enjoy their time together.” He continues, “Work, family, or social commitments take time away from each other, so having a shared interest will help keep a couple connected.” He says that he looks forward to spending time together with his lady because “riding together creates a mutual respect and special connection.”

Chomper said he met Laurie and she didn’t ride her own motorcycle even though she had one in the garage. She had a bad experience and afterwards she never found anyone she trusted to help her learn to ride and decided two wheels weren’t for her. Chomper loved having Laurie on the back and the intimacy of the ride brought them closer. He knew her desire to learn to ride her own motorcycle. For her birthday several years ago, he bought her the dream bike, a Harley Freewheeler, and started teaching her how to ride. Now partners when they ride, and protect each other on road. “She is my best friend and the one that I trust to have my back. She understands how I ride and now I have another set of eyes on the road that watches over me.”

There are lots of couples who have been together for many years who don’t share a love of motorcycle riding, and their relationship works. Many riders commented that their spouse gives them this “ME TIME” to recharge and have their own interests. The reason these relationships are so successful is because the bond between them is created by what they ‘believe’ rather than what they ‘do’, and what they have in common is values. Although shared interests may heighten the relationship, there are other important qualities, such as affection, attention, and respect. How perfect would that be, to have all these qualities and someone who enjoys wind therapy just as much as you do?