By: Randy Savely

For over 10 years the Randy Run for Fallen Bikers has strived to help injured riders and their families thru the toughest times in their lives.

As President and one of the founders of the Randy Run it takes a tremendous amount of work and volunteers time to make it run smoothly.

When I had my accident, my friends of Abate D-10 did a fundraiser to help me after my accident, and we all realized at the time that there wasn’t any type of organization that helped injured riders. We continued to help injured motorcycle riders thru the Randy Run Grant program and were funded independently because of our annual ride in July.

In the past few years, the demands required of board members has grown and finding new board members to fill positions has been challenging. There is so much more to running a non-profit than just our Annual Run. The work load of current Board members has become overwhelming and many are doing multiple jobs that are necessary for it to be successful. It is my hope that Mark and Lisa will continue the July Randy Run and use that run as an opportunity to help charities within this community.

As President of the Randy Run for Fallen Bikers, and with my retirement and pending move to Missouri, I asked the current Board to come up with a Plan to take over The Randy Run. This is a daunting task and the amount of personal commitment one would have to commit to lead this non-profit forward has been difficult to find. Therefore, in the best interest of all, we feel it is time to close the Randy Run for Fallen Bikers effective immediately.

As per our Articles of Incorporation, the Board must distribute the remaining funds in our account to other non-profits in Colorado that are helping injured motorcycle riders. This community is very blessed to have some great people and non-profits that are helping injured motorcycle riders, and we hope that this donation to them will help continue the work of Helping Biker’s Better.

On a special note, I would like to thank Lisa and Mark Gill for standing by my side for over 12 years. Their commitment to this organization and community they serve has gone above and beyond.

It has been my honor to serve this community. The memories and friendships that I have made along the way will stay with me always. I am moving, but I will be back to attend events and support this community as I always have.