We ride for ice cream

By: Audrey Paulus

It all started in the spring of 2013. Three Mile-High Sisters and great personal friends, Jacquey Tabcum, Jan Oglesby, and Audrey Paulus, began riding to work on Fridays and meeting at noon for lunch. The three of us worked close to one another, so riding to lunch was easy. Our weekly routine would be to check in on Facebook, state that the Cool Bikers were having lunch at whatever restaurant we were at that week, and invite anyone to join us. This is not a women’s group, we have just as many male riders as female riders.

A group shot of cool bikers before heading to Carter Lake and Poudre Canyon.

Every week more and more joined us, and we started to extend the lunches to the weekend and include rides. Now five years later, Cool Bikers Lunch and Rides has their own Facebook group page and has grown from those 3 biker chicks to over 1,500 riders.

It is always fun when Rusty Gonzales can join us on our rides.

Cool Biker has a network of diverse riders; we don’t care what you ride, what other groups you belong to or what your political views are. We care that you like to ride! We usually meet early in the morning with a set destination and ride all day! This past summer, some of the Cool Biker members took a 6,000-mile cross country trip from Denver to Washington, D.C., down to the Tail of the Dragon, straight across to Texas, and up to Denver. We covered 6,000 miles in two weeks in this big loop.

All bikes are welcome in this group … here is Stacey on her Indian

In the off season, Cool Bikers occasionally have CB Night Outs where we hang out and dance to local bands, or go to comedy shows or movies. There are some great rides planned this summer which include Skyline Drive, Salida, Trail Ridge, Guanella Pass, and more.

Audrey is leading about twenty bikes up to Carter Lake.

If you are new to the area or just need a fun group to ride with, find us on Facebook under Cool Biker Lunch and Rides, and come meet some like-minded Cool Bikers.