Video Transcription

There is absolutely no such thing as a magical pot of money after a motorcycle accident.

Hi, my name is Scott O’Sullivan and I’m here to talk about underinsured motorist coverage for motorcycles.

It’s absolutely crucial that you, as a motorcycle rider, have as much Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorist Coverage for your motorcycle as humanly possible. Here’s why: There’s a huge percentage of drivers in Colorado driving with no insurance or, very limited insurance ($25,000). And there’s also a huge percentage of hit and run accidents now happening in Colorado.

So it is crucially important that you get this coverage and you get it immediately. Don’t even ride without it.

Here’s why it’s important: It covers your medical bills, it covers your lost wages, it covers pain and suffering, it covers future care and expenses, it covers all your economic losses. It is there as your security blanket – your protection to take care of you.

I’ve written extensive articles about this. Follow this link for more information about what motorcycle insurance you need in Colorado or call me with any questions: 303-388-5304.