Photography by Sean Kelley, Grim_photography85

Not a Club, Not a Clique

By: Krissy Mosbarger, Admin, Denver Bike Life

Denver Bike Life isn’t a club, it’s not a clique, and judging by how quickly it’s growing, it’s also not a fad. Denver Bike Life, (DBL) is a family of brothers and sisters who share a universal love that only the freedom of being on two wheels can offer. It doesn’t matter which manufacturer made your wheels, and nobody cares what color your wheels might be. It matters not the style or age of your ride, your experience level, or how much chrome or carbon fiber you have on those wheels you love so much. Are you on two wheels? Then YOU are welcome here, YOU are family.


There is no shortage of motorcycle riding groups on the social media scene. DBL has grown exponentially in the 10 months because our family is inclusive of riders of ALL styles of bikes, and even a few tri-pods! We have members from every conceivable economic background, age, marital status, skill level, gender, sexual preference and geographic location (within Colorado, of course!) A member posts a ride, riders show up, we talk, we laugh, and we ride. Simple.

From day one the Denver Bike Life Facebook Group ( has been incredibly active, our members post multiple daily rides, events at restaurants, dealerships, and even at one another’s homes just to keep the family in touch. You’ll find people asking for advice about services, maintenance, gear, techniques, classes, sharing experiences, and of course, sharing their pride and joy bikes.

Photography by Sean Kelley

We wholeheartedly cheer on the folks showing off their latest upgrades, the sick new paint jobs, the new exhaust, new lights, and yes, even the 20 year old bike someone just bought because he’s caught the bug and wants to learn to ride. In time, and with the addition and inclusion of more riders, we have routinely seen our members go above and beyond to be there when a family member is in need. Do you need a drywall guy, a photographer, an accountant, a house cleaner, a doctor, a fence fixed, a few big boys to help load a couch, a new fuel pump for your 1972 Ford? Someone is there to help you, always. Like I said, it’s a family.

Photography by Sean Kelley

Denver Bike Life is there for their riding group, and accidents will happen. When they happen, this family takes an all hands on deck approach. Your DBL family will be at the hospital with you, and you won’t be left alone until you leave that hospital.

Photography by Sean Kelley

As a motorcycle community, we ultimately want to change the public opinion of riders. We want the public to SEE us, to RESPECT us, and to understand that we too have wives/husbands/ children/dogs/cats, etc to go home to at night. Denver Bike Life has begun partnering with local dealerships, tracks, rider specific businesses and rider organizations to offer our group safe places to play and learn, go-to people to help when in need, discounts, and various technique / medical / trauma scene management classes to help themselves and their family should the need arise. So you see, we’re more than some random Facebook group full of trash-talking hooligans (although there is always plenty of good-natured trash-talk to be found.) We are a family, brought together by a shared passion for riding, and held together by the inexplicable bonds that being on 2’s brings. Feel free to check us out, we’d love to welcome all active riders who share our great passion into this amazing FAMILY!