One Leg Custom WhipsContact: Kermit DeJonge Phone: 720-299-4213

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I was in a motorcycle accident a little more than 3 1⁄2 years go. After a grueling recovery I ended up losing my leg a little more than a year ago 

How long have you been riding and what do you ride? I have been riding for over 5 years and ride 2007 Sporty 1200

 Purple WhipAre you a native of Colorado or what brought you to Colorado? I moved here when I was a small child and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Do you ride in a group, club or independently? Independently as well as in small groups

Name a place you would like to ride but haven’t been to yet? Sturgis and Bishop’s Castle are on my Bucket list Whip

Tell us a little bit about your business and how long you have been in business? I started One Leg Custom Whips in 2017 and we make custom “get back” whips for motorcycles as well as wallet chains. You can find our business on Facebook, just go to Facebook and search for One Leg Custom Whips.

Name 3 things that you want the biker community to know about you? I use paracord when making my whips which makes our whips extremely durable; I make every whip custom to the rider wants and likes; and I am a Colorado rider and care about the riding community

Red WhipBeing a rider owned business and having the community support small rider businesses enable more diversity, competition and creates jobs. It helps in building our community and making it stronger. Our riding community supports anyone in need, but we need support each other as that will enable us to pay it forward. I am so thankful to be able to ride again after my accident and long recovery. I love getting my wind therapy. I am a father of 2 wonderful kids and soon to be step-dad to 4 more. Purple Whip Small