Colorado Rider News is proud to feature the American Skull and American Reaper bikes owned by Laurie “Mamma Bear” and Bob “Chomper” Montoya. The customization of the American Skull started with their love for this country and being patriotic. Both riders have active and veteran military family members and Laurie wanted her bike to represent a distressed American flag.  Her love for motorcycles and being Founder of BikerDown Foundation, she always wanted skulls fused into the flags.

Chomper met with Hair Trigger Customs and met Steve and painter Casey, after a few conversations and some sketches, and the deal was done. I quickly learned after getting the final product, that this adventure wasn’t going to stop there. Additions were added such as a new custom leather seat to match the colors of the bike.  There isn’t a stop we make that someone doesn’t stop and tell us how amazing this bike is.

Our next project was Chomper’s 2016 Street Glide that was already amazing because it was part of Avalanche’s custom bike build, but we couldn’t stop there. If anyone knows Chomper, you can tell the minute you meet him that he loves the Grim Reaper. His love for the Reaper came from his years with Biker’s Against Child Abuse and that he would never let a child be hurt and he would take the soul of anyone who did. Chomper is also Laurie’s protector as her husband and best friend.

They wanted the bikes to compliment each other, but still send their own personal message.  Casey the airbrushed artist really listens to his customers and creates that vision on this Street Glide. There is so much detail to this bike, that every time you look at it, you see something that you didn’t see before.

Both bikes have won numerous People’s choice awards and most recently Chomper’s American Reaper took 2nd place at Las Vegas Bike Week at Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation in 2017. Hair Trigger Customs is in Engelwood Colorado and part of our Biker Owned Business Directory.