By Laurie Montoya, Editor, and Publisher

Colorado Rider News and Motorcycle Rider News have MERGED to bring you a more regional and national look at motorcycle riding and what is going on in your area and nationwide. In March 2022, you will begin to see more diverse coverage, more writing contributors, and a more in-depth event calendar for those who take road trips and attend rallies all over the country.

Since 2018, Colorado Rider News has brought the Colorado powersports community great articles event coverage and focused on biker-owned businesses within our Colorado community. Publications have gotten slick and filled with so much advertising that you can get thru an issue in a few minutes.

Stretch is a new inspirational writer to CRN and MRN as well as an avid rider in the biker community

With the help of writers Audrey Paulus, Belt Drive Betty, and Morning Stretch with Stretch McClure our writers gave you the pulse and information you wanted to read about. Our success has resulted from our grassroots effort to go back to what Powersports publications used to be….things that matter to the rider.

As Editor and Publisher, it was vital to me to get motorcycle awareness out, keep riders safer on the road, and hopefully give them things to think about when or how they ride. This type of monthly publication isn’t easy, and being smaller our publications stayed more with local advertisers who helped get our message out. It was more important this publication wrote the stories we wanted to write and that readers wanted to read.

In 2020, we launched Motorcycle Rider News in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a year-round motorcycle riding and ATVing community with an old western flare. There are so many national parks, including the grand canyon to visit. Most traveling to California or the west coast tend to ride right thru, but our publication focused on great overnight day trips that riders can take to see all that Nevada and Arizona have to offer.

Shannon “Dazzlin” Ventoro
Nichol Jackie Zamora

MRN worked with great writers who had the pulse on the powersports community, such as Shannon “Dazzlin” Venturo and Nichol Jackie Zamora, who brought to the publication the charitable aspect of what the riding community does every week to help!

The pandemic brought many challenges to keeping these publications going, and our online publication has seen rapid growth and increased followers on social media. Therefore, we have decided to merge the publications and publish 2-3 hard copy issues each year and bring more content thru our website and social media.

We want to THANK each and every reader for their commitment to CRN and MRN and we hope that this new venture will enable us to bring you more and better content, and reach a larger demographic of riders.