For over 10 years, the Adopt-A-Family program has been helping injured riders, and their families get through Christmas. The program has grown; we have helped over 500 families in Colorado and Nevada. In 2022, we expanded our program to include the Dallas Ft. Worth area with a family that lost their primary breadwinner in October.

Each family received a 250-275 Walmart gift card and food to get them thru the holidays. Families are struggling with rising inflation and high gas prices, and families are still recovering from the pandemic. These are not handouts, but rather a reward for the hard work these families do every day. Most of our families are working and barely making ends meet. Christmas is a luxury that they cannot afford for their kids

Our program gives them that relief so that little kids who still believe in Santa can make their Christmas wish list, and this program enables the family to meet that list.

This program could not be a success without the help of the motorcycle community that donates and chooses their families each year. We have motorcycle businesses such as Rider Justice which hosted our Lunch with the families in Colorado and adopted 4 families, So Nevada Confederation of Clubs which hosted the Lunch with Santa in Nevada, Full Throttle Law which donated funds for extra toys for the children. There are so many independent riders/donors that adopt a family each year.

We will take a more proactive approach to fundraising in 2023 as family requests are growing yearly. If you would like to know more about the program, get involved, or donate, please visit our website