We thought it was a typo when this writer got the alert that a biker on Pacific Coast Highway and run into the back of an EV vehicle that cost $2 million collars. However, the story is true

It looks like this EV prototype vehicle was involved in a crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, as a video of the aftermath of the accident recently surfaced on social media. In the footage taken by a driver who passed by the scene, we can see a Yamaha motorcycle with a smashed front end lying on the asphalt behind the Rimac Nevera, which appears to have only minor damage on the rear bumper.

Next to the bike we can see the rider standing on his knees as he was probably feeling dizzy after the crash—not to mention realizing he had just hit a $2 million hypercar. The rider’s state probably indicates that the video was taken immediately after impact.

We can hear the video’s author telling the Nevera’s passenger that the bikers had been “riding crazy down this whole PCH,” which tells us quite a bit about the circumstances of the accident. It’s not uncommon to see riders weave through traffic at high speed on this scenic highway and even race each other. Needless to say, this dangerous behavior often leads to crashes. See video by clicking here

That said, the minor repairs required will probably cost tens of thousands of dollars, including shipping costs to Croatia where the factory and workshop are located.

While we absolutely don’t condone reckless driving or riding, we do feel for the rider a bit knowing that he will have to inform his insurance company that he hit a $2 million car—assuming he is insured, that is.