Audrey is a moto journalist for Motorcycle Rider News and founder of Cool Biker Lunch and Rides

By “Audrey Paulus – Moto-Journalist MRN

Every year Cool Biker Lunch and Rides Facebook group page have their 1K in One Day challenge.  It was exciting that a woman rider accomplished it two times, a month apart!  She raised the bar by doing it before riding season and actually kicked off for Colorado and doing it twice.

Dawn Williams shared her experience.  “On Saturday, April 9th, I rode my 2018 Road Glide Special from Colorado City, CO to Medicine Park, OK, and back to Colorado to attend the 4th Annual Taco Run.  I left at 2:00 a.m. with the temperature staying around 34 to 38 degrees for a few hours.  As I rode, further along, the temperature began to warm up once the sun came up. 

I was prepared for the cold weather and knew that I would have to plug up and layer up.  Being in the right frame of mind when setting out to ride that many miles in one day is essential.  I’m fortunate to have heated hand grips and a heated seat on my motorcycle, which definitely comes in handy on those cold riding days.  It’s not fun riding when your fingers and toes begin to hurt.  I arrived at the event around 11:15 a.m.  I planned to stay for a couple of hours, eat some tacos, catch up with some fellow riders that I had not seen since before the pandemic, and ride back to Colorado.  I did just that and had the bonus of seeing a herd of bison in a field at the entrance of Medicine Park.  In all my years of riding, I had always wanted to see some up close,  so I will say this was the highlight of my trip. 

The ride heading back was much warmer; however, it was windy in Oklahoma and Texas.  At one point, the temperature reached 91 degrees.  At some point along the ride and without my notice, the knob that controls my heated hand grips flew off and left the grips at the highest heat.  This resulted in the palm of my throttle hand getting burnt, which formed a blister.  The rest of the ride was quite painful.  I also got pulled over in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  I’m still trying to figure out how that happened, considering he was traveling the opposite direction of me, made a U-turn in the middle of the highway, and claimed he clocked me going 78 in a 65-speed zone.  There were tractor-trailers and other cars blowing by me, making me believe he pulled the wrong person over.  It’s relatively easy for me to stick out, considering I was the only motorcycle on the road then, and it’s purple.

Once I had reached a little over 1,000 miles, I decided to stop for the night.  I hadn’t entirely made it home, but it was after 9:00 p.m,  and we all know what happens after the sun goes down.  Yep, it started getting cold again, and fatigue begins to set in after riding all day.  I wasn’t trying to force myself to do the additional 189 miles as I had already accomplished my goal.  Safety is always my number one priority.

This ride was nothing short of an adventure.  I love riding solo.  It truly gives you the freedom to do what you want as you are on your own clock.  I have completed at least 1K in 1 day every year since I have been riding and love the thrill of the challenge.  The elements will make or break your ride, and you have to roll with it.  Always be prepared for all seasons, as you never know what the weather might be like from state to state.  Preparation is key.  Invest in proper gear and make sure your bike has been serviced.  Plan adequate gas stops and breaks and most importantly, enjoy the ride!” 

Thanks Dawn for inspiring riders on Cool Biker Lunch and Rides! Now that riding season is kicking off, and several participants are attempting this challenge.    We will read about their journeys as well in upcoming articles.

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