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I would like to introduce you to Little Man Ice Cream, founded on July 4th, 2008 is a Denver Landmark that the city and progress has grown around. This iconic ice cream shop serves the freshest homemade ice cream from a 28ft tall cream can. The shop is located at 2620 16th St., Denver

Little Man Ice Cream’s frosty ice creams, gelatos and sorbets are summertime favorites for residents of Denver’s trendy Highland neighborhood.

This writers favorite was the Salted Oreo Ice Cream

The flavors at Little Man, however, are anything but old-fashioned. While the classics are available, other temptations include blueberry cinnamon sorbet, salted Oreo ice cream, brandied peach sorbet, honey gelato, fig gelato, banana chocolate chip custard, whopper malt ice cream, pumpkin chip ice cream, raspberry love ice cream, chocolate covered cherry cola ice cream and fluffernutter. And don’t miss the Mexican chocolate ice cream, Little Man’s top-seller. Our favorite, the cinnamon cone crunch, is made with broken pieces of Little Man’s homemade waffle cones.

Owner Paul Tamburello commissioned the milk can’s design to pay homage to the hot dog-shaped hot dog stands of Coney Island. Little Man’s old-time theme is well-established, from the 1940s music to the staffers’ white paper hats and aprons to, of course, the milk can itself.

The decor hasn’t missed a beat when bringing back the nostalgic ice cream shop that many of us will remember and watched slowly fade away. From the mason jar candy topping, to the authentic ice cream attire, when you get the counter, you know you are in for an experience.

While this small 3 window location may seem small, its philanthropic Scoop-for-Scoop program ( a scoop of rice is donated for every scoop of ice cream sold) enables Little Man to help feed the hungry in developing countries throughout the world. To date more than 2,422,095 scoops of beans and rice have been served thanks to the patrons who continue to visit Little Man Ice Cream

To keep this article motorcycle related, all bikers loves ice cream. Laurie Montoya attended Sophie’s Charity ride this past weekend and the ride started at Little Mans Ice Cream shop. Parking was great and on the street so you can watch your bike and start or end your day ride with the BEST homemade ice cream in the City.

Great street parking to start or end your ride
Chere Martin from Rider Justice, Fuzz from Bikers for Justice and Laurie Montoya from BikerDown Foundation, riding on Sophie’s Ride