Are We On Our Way To Another  ShutDown?

For the past six months, Las Vegas residents and workers have enjoyed rebuilding their businesses and bringing tourism back to Nevada.  However, a week ago, California and Nevada have raised the mask mandate to indoor and outdoor venues. The order, which took place at midnight Wednesday, July 21st, comes as the region is experiencing another spike in COVID-19 metrics amid stalled vaccination rates and more contagious variants like the delta variant becoming more prominent. Our hospitals have seen a rise in COVID variant patients, and many fear we might be headed towards another possible shutdown if hospitalizations do not go down.

I have always believed in freedom to choose and the rights of every citizen to make their own decisions.  However, the rise in cases must make every worker, resident, and business owner in Las Vegas see what options are available to get the increase down thru whatever means necessary, even if that is considering vaccinations.  A registered nurse in Las Vegas who worked at Cashman Center and other sites centers believes that one of the reasons Las Vegas has seen a rise in hospitalizations is that #1 residents chose not to get the vaccine and #2 only got 1 shot and never went back for the 2nd.  This paper is not encouraging you to get the shot but rather to seek advice from your medical professional and then decide what best serves you, your family, and your community.

Community Assistance

This month, we feature 2 motorcycle clubs that annually step up to help families in this Las Vegas community: the Bling Devas MC and the Chicano Souls MC.  Both these motorcycle clubs are dedicated to riding but know they have a greater purpose: serving the community and ensuring that families and children have food and school supplies for the school year.  We will be featuring in this issue last month’s 1st Annual School Supply Car & Bike Show and the upcoming Bling Devas Peanut Butter Drive that benefits Three Square.

BEST of the BEST Finalist

The competition was so close in some categories, but Motorcycle Rider News is pleased to announce the winners of our BEST of the BEST contest.  For our first year in publication, over 1,500 followers vote for their favorite business in our designated categories.  The awards are ordered, and I am sure you will be surprised by some of the winners.  Over the next month, we will be posting on our Facebook page the recipients receiving their awards.

Do you own your own business?

Our Biker-Owned-Directory needs you!  Our back page directory is accessible to any rider who has their own business, and we need you to send us an email with your information. Companies that are in our directory are eligible to receive a full-page feature in a future issue.  If you are interested, please email us at

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Please ride safe out there!

Laurie Montoya


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