Morning Stretch
Stretch is a new inspirational writer to CRN and avid rider in the biker community

By Stretch McClure

Cancel Culture and Effect!  These acts of public shaming have always been present.  Now, this modern form of public shaming takes on a new name:  Cancel Culture.

There is no single accepted definition of cancel culture, but at its worst, it is about unaccountable groups successfully applying pressure to punish someone for perceived wrong opinions.  The victim ends up losing their job or is significantly harmed in some way well beyond the discomfort of merely being disagreed with.  Some of this is in censorship, false statements, context, to as far as destruction of statues and history.

The ability to twist information to fit one’s argument.  It is just scary to see someone or thing, drop so fast based on somebody’s story which could have absolutely been falsified.  You may know them as an idol or hero, it makes it hard to support the person or the representation of history, when that representation that you respect or look up to, gets so much hate!  Being cancelled in this fashion, causes a limbo, and then hate.

It just goes too far and does more damage than repair.  I believe once anything is canceled, it become hard to make a genuine apology, and even if you do people still might not believe you.

There are new consequences for saying or doing racist, bigoted, or otherwise terrible things.  All because a mob has taken undue offense to a clumsy or out-of-context remark.  We all make mistakes!  We should acknowledge that and learn from it.  I feel that Cancel Culture is a cancer, and it will spread, not for the good of humanity, but the loss of history and the hard lessons, we have learned and lived in!

Seeing the out-of-control mobs (yes, I said mobs) roaming city streets, tearing down statues and destroying historical markets should shock every American.  The fact that most of the SOB’s are ignorant of who they are attacking is a sad example of the education system our children and grand children are being subjected to.   The destruction of history will not make you feel good about the present.  The destruction of statues usually shows a general insecurity and lack of confidence.  Destroying silent monuments or the legacies of the dead offers no rebuttal or resistance.  There are remedies for removal of monuments and statues, and these mob groups choose to deface or tear down these statues at night or under the cover of darkness so they cannot be identified.  This just shows the continued cowardness of these individuals.  The fix is to hold people accountable, at whatever level.

Some people also blame their current situation on the past and believe that destroying long-dead supposed enemies will liberate them – or at least make them feel better.