BadGirlsBling is an independent women’s business that’s focus is finding women’s motorcycle accessories and apparel.  Our primary focus at BGB is in rhinestone handbags, jewelry, and clothing.  We scour suppliers from all over the country and abroad to find women’s items that they will not normally see at the events they attend.  In fact, some of our items would not be described as biker clothing at all, more stylish and trend setting. 

Created in 2010 after being unable to afford the higher priced items I found at biker events, shows, or rallies.  There were many times that I would see something at an event and could not afford it that weekend, and I would not be able get it until the following year when I saw that vendor again.

BadGirlsBling set out in 2010 to be your local supplier in the Denver area that you would see at bike nights, events, and rallies locally.  BGB does not have a store front because I did not want the overhead that comes with a store that requires owners to add that cost on to customers.

I also found that many women related items and clothing did not fit my style or my size.  In general, most of the biker related clothing is made overseas and sized to fit the super petite woman.  I was not large, but when I went to purchase items, I suddenly felt bigger than I was.   When you go to a rally or vendor booth, most of your sales people really are not informative or knowledgeable about the products you are interested in.

At BGB, I personally wear and try on everything to ensure sizing is correct and that product are made to last.  I feel that I am the best advertiser and billboard for BadGirlsBling because as a woman I know what to expect from a product and how I want it to feel.

Since re-launching the business this year, we have received an overwhelming response from women riders thanking us for coming back.  We hope that you will take a moment to visit our website or thru Facebook page.  We welcome you to see our collection of new items for 2021.