We Are Back

Yes, you heard it right, we are back publishing hard copy issues. Due to the Dept of Health lowering our COVID health levels designated by Gov. Polis, many of our biker bars and restaurants are back open.  This has been a difficult year for Colorado Rider News.  We have experienced the same hardships and lost revenue due to COVID shutdowns by our biker business.   I would be remiss not to thank Rider Justice for continuing to support Colorado Rider News in its advertising in hard copy and online media.   The past few years have seen many of our other publications such as Thunder Roads and Scooter News shut down.  It was never that they were not both great publications, hard print advertising is being pushed out by online social media digital marketing.

I have long said to potential advertisers that motorcycle and powersports riders still like to sit down at their local biker bar and pick up a copy of a magazine 100% devoted to riding in Colorado.

Our goal for 2021 is to continue to provide you the most updated local motorcycle related information, continue to promote biker owned businesses, be an active part in the new motorcycle swap meet at Dirty Dogs, motorcycle safety, new product reviews on products that will bring value to your riding.

We ask you to be a part of this publication and continue to update us on what is going on in your biker group or community.

As always enjoy the ride, let us know what we can do better and BE SAFE OUT THERE

Laurie Montoya


Colorado Rider News


Publisher, Colorado Rider News