The contest is on!  The wheelchairs have been given to the clubs, organizations and biker owned businesses and BikerDown is looking forward to hosting our 1st Annual Customized Wheelchair Competition on Saturday, October 17th from 1pm to 5pm at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse.

2020 BD Las Vegas winner

In February 2020 we launched this competition in our BikerDown chapter of Las Vegas Nevada, and the response was overwhelming.  10 teams competed and each team really pulled out all the stops.  Tents were set up and the creativity of their booths almost outshined the amazing work each team did on the wheelchairs.

The premise of this event is to gather medical equipment for our charity.  As many of you know, for 10 years BikerDown has been supplying much needed medical equipment to injured riders in the Colorado area.   We decided this year to include the biker community and to try to make a medical equipment fundraiser FUN. 

No injured riders ever wants to recover in a wheelchair, they are depressing and the only motivation a wheelchair gives you, is how fast can you get out of it.  Our customized wheelchairs have given our riding community great joy and put a smile on their faces during one of the toughest moments in their life.  The injured rider also gets to SEE that a group, club, or organization/business took the time to jazz up a wheelchair and show the community we care about you.

All medical equipment is needed

In 2020, due to COVID-19, BikerDown Colorado began to run out of wheelchairs and the other much needed medical equipment such as shower seats, toilet seat risers and walker.  We are hoping that this event on the 17th will replenish the needed medical equipment that we need to help riders until the end of the year.

A special THANK YOU to Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law firm for their continued support of helping injured motorcycle riders. donated 10 brand new wheelchairs for this competition and sponsored the trophies. 

So, if you have any gently used but good working condition medical equipment, please bring it to Dirty Dogs Roadhouse on October 17th and vote for the BEST Customized Wheelchair!