We went through something together and we are adapting to the new normal. It’s gonna leave a mark, and it should leave a mark like all scars do. But this a cultural reset and we will move forward in a new way, together.”

Jason Momoa is a cultural icon in recent years with memorable characters such as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, and our superhero, the Aquaman.  He was even featured in this years Super Bowl commercial for Rocket Mortgage.  What most readers might not know is that celebrity icon’s heart pumps motor oil and stomach starves for speed. Momoa is an avid Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider.  He bleeds for motorcycles, and recently, Momoa has made it his mission to use his talents to share the best that motorcycle culture has to offer.

Randy Hayward “Detroit”

Momoa produced a six-part mini series called United We Will Ride highlighting real Harley-Davidson riders around the United States. While this video features Momoa’s gritty and captivating message for navigating COVID-19 and will focus on a range of riders and custom culture bike builders and their passion for motorcycling.  He traveled around the nation in a van with a small crew to meet in the intimacy of their homes while they shared their stories and passion for motorcycling.

What Momoa found while producing these films is that we are bonded by our love for riding! He has motorcycles from between around 1915 and 1932 and most recently restored his Harley-Davidson with sidecar which was featured in The Late Show video with James Corden.

Mamoa was featured on James Corden’s The Late Show in November of 2019

In writing this piece I did a little research on Google and was surprised that his passion was legit, this six-part mini series isn’t the only time Mamoa is on his Harley, he is truly a devoted rider.  Most recently, he was seen getting taco in the San Francisco Bay area and just meeting people on the street and being a regular guy!

We commend Jason Mamoa for his devotion to the Harley-Davidson bikes and motorcycle culture.  He is a fresh face of riders making a difference in this community and we look forward to watching the next series of films.  To view the first short film, click here

Video 1 – United We Will Ride

Video 2 – Randy’s Freedom for the Soul

Video 3 – Amy’s Freedom for the Soul

Video 4 – Damien’s Freedom for the Soul

Video 5 – Rowdy’s Freedom of the Soul

Video 6 – Nicola’s Freedom for the Soul