I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to attend the 2020 Sturgis Hall of Fame breakfast to watch my dear friend and mentor Vicki San Felipo, founder of Road Guardians be inducted in the Sturgis Hall of Fame.  It is quite an honor for a woman rider to be recognized by your peers for such a prestigious award in this industry.  You quickly realize upon arrival that you are witnessing a part of motorcycle history and that there are so many riders/business owners that have given their lives to the sport of motorcycle riding and fight every day to make the industry better.

Midway thru the breakfast a familiar name was announced.  Arlin Fatland owner of 2 Wheelers motorcycle shop, Denver Colorado.  I quickly rushed up there to be front and center to see one of our own Colorado business owners be inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame.  Here is a little background about Arlin.

He owns and operate one of the few original, independent motorcycle shops that have held firm to their traditions over the decade with 50 years in the same location.  Innovative from the start, 2 Wheelers became known for carrying the newest components, manufacturing their own after-market parts, and their catalog since the 1970’s.

Arlin also build custom choppers and his bikes are regularly featured in magazines.  He has been attending Daytona and Sturgis every year since the 1970’s too and has opened stores in both locations to fulfill the needs of riders.

Arlin has also worked with the Hamsters for over 40 years in various charity efforts industry wide.  The story of 2 Wheelers and Arlin is one of steady, consistent, and humble industry engagement fueled by an unabashed love of motorcycle and riders.

He was incredibly humbled by the roar of the crowd as he walked up to speak, and after he thanked the Hall of Fame and others that had helped him get there, he turned to his 30 year life-long partner, the back bone of the business and the back bone of ME, and in front of everyone asked Donna Malfin to marry him.  Our congratulations to Arlin, Donna and look forward to another 50 years of 2 Wheelers being a staple in the Denver motorcycle riding community.