By Audrey Paulus – Stormy

One Friday afternoon, I took six of my male riding buddies to Bailey to try out The Riverbend Eatery, right along the North Fork of the South Platte River.  Once the owner, Mike Abbondanza, heard the roar of our seven bikes pulling up, he immediately came out to greet us and to make sure we parked next to his Honda Valkyrie.  I enjoy supporting business owners who ride.  I always feel that sharing in a mutual goal with others creates a bonding experience that is based on a support system, which is a healthy way to build upon a relationship with friends.  

We sat on the patio that had an incredible view of the rapids and the forest.  Inside seating is just as good as the outside seating as it has large windows which are wide open in the warmer weather. 

Mike is Italian, so of course, The Riverbend Eatery serves Italian dishes.  We all shared calamari, mussels, caprese salad, raviolis, calzone, and smash burger.  Frank said the burger was incredible and the best he ever had.   Mike boasted, “we often receive unsolicited praise about our cuisine and the dining environment. All of our dishes are “homemade”, and it makes a difference.”

The Riverbend offers 14 beers on tap which is a nice break on a ride to wet your whistle.  They also have a full cocktail and wine selection.

Mike was telling us that he has been serving Italian food/pizza in Colorado since 1980.  Since he is from New York and was having a hard time finding the foods he grew up with, he basically got into the business for that reason.

Since our visit to The Riverbend Eatery, Mike has joined our riding group Cool Biker Lunch & Rides, so we will be seeing him again on some rides.

If you are ever riding through Bailey, stop by The Riverbend Eatery and hang out on the patio and dine on some scrumptious Italian and American cuisine.  We all gave it a thumbs up! 
60006 Us Hwy 285, Bailey Colorado 80421