We are excited to introduce ARMALITH, the World’s Strongest Denim Performance Jeans in CUSTOM FIT. We know whether you are riding the freeway, the Million Dollar Highway, or the local backroads, getting and keeping your head in the game is essential for personal safety. To do that, you need your riding jeans to fit and be comfortable for you! 

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  • Jeans developed to resist impact and abrasion in a motorcycle fall. 
  • Jeans can be fully armored. 
  • Jeans made-to-fit. 

We believe every rider should get the pair of Performance Hi Abrasion Denim Jeans they will live in on or off the motorcycle. We can provide you with performance denim riding jeans that combine the comfortable fit of your favorite pair of jeans with the safety and technical qualities of leather made from ARMALITH, the World’s Strongest Denim. 

Here is how we do it: 

  • Send us your favorite pair of riding jeans that are comfortable sitting on the bike for longer rides. 
  • Answer a few simple questions. (Do you need a cell phone pocket? Or body armor?) 
  • We will send you a sketch and wait for your sign off and go ahead. 
  • We will make a pattern, sew, and ship your favorite jeans and your new jeans to your door in 2-4 weeks! 

Find us at www.hanmotogear.com  and begin today to create your custom fit performance denim riding jeans.