Colorado Rider News is so pleased to be back to hard copy issue and getting back to all things Colorado!  For the past 60 days, we have watched this motorcycle community bond together and weather the storm of this pandemic.  

Laurie Montoya, Publisher

The riding community supported our biker owned restaurants like Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, The Piper and The Stagecoach and others through take-out, delivery and our #2Wheels4Meals program to generate enough revenue to keep the lights on.   

We will overcome the short term affect this pandemic had on our powersports community, our charities and events that have had to cancel and as always we will take of our own.

This month we will do our best to update everyone on how our biker owned businesses are surviving and the possibility of future events this summer such as Sturgis and our local events.

Lastly, we have updated our Biker Owned Business (B.O.B.)page with some new business that bring more diverse products and businesses to our page.  It has always been my hope that riders would look to our B.O.B. page when you need a service done, keeping those biker dollars within our community.

As always enjoy the ride, let us know what we can do better and BE SAFE OUT THERE

— Laurie Montoya, Publisher
Colorado Rider News