“Computer problems can really suck, and make you want to fire a whole magazine into the thing or go full Office Space on it with a bat. Even after 20 years in computer and technology work, I can still relate to that feeling.” 

Golden, CO local Scott McGlasson has started a part time business called Giga-Head (named for a drunken vision about a Knucklehead motor cranking out computer power).

Noticing a lack of similar businesses serving our community, Scott has a mission to provide technology services to local bikers and small businesses. 

“Using computer technology is not really optional anymore, if you’re going to be functional in the modern world. I’m kind of a local mechanic, but for computer stuff. My experience in audio / video and surveillance systems comes in handy too,” he says.

Scott works full time with a Wichita technology company, serving the public safety sector. “If our systems don’t work, every time, some child molester could avoid conviction as a result,” he says. “In the legal world, that’s what they call ‘bad’.” 

Before his current job, he worked for eight years in Black Hawk casinos, as a senior IT technician. “Everybody would always ask if I could rig the slots to help them out, but nope. Now I’m glad to be out of the casino industry and into work that matters.” 

The Giga-Head business is Scott’s side gig, “…basically for motorcycle money. I’ve done work for local friends, T-Bird Roadhouse and the motorcycle shop, from doing the shop website to fixing up the POS and surveillance systems. It’s a nice relationship, because I also want some work done on my bike – pipes and cams, more power and chrome!”

Scott has a 2017 FLSTN (Softail Deluxe), approaching 25k miles on the odometer. 

“I love my bike, I love riding Colorado roads, and I love the biker world. I like doing work for fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, because they’re usually not full of themselves, and have a sincere respect for honest work.” 

For anyone who wants a hand with tackling their computer or technology issues, he says “I’ll be glad to advise you on your problems or questions over the phone. I’m not working for a retail store, or trying to sell anything. For service calls at your home or business, evenings and weekends are usually good.” 

What advice does Scott have for Rider News readers with tech problems who want to blow up their computer? “Don’t panic! Technical issues are fixable, and there is always a solution.”

Contact Scott McGlasson: 316-358-1181

Editor’s Note: Scott McGlasson is a biker with an extremely charitable heart. Every weekend through our #2Wheels4Meals he volunteered, he donated, and he rode to deliver food to first responders. Scott has helped BikerDown with laptop and computer issues and is extremely knowledgeable and can solve most computer issues.