Renee “Belt Drive Betty” Charbonneau

Hugs and holding hands, handshakes and sharing a meal all seem like distant memories.

I watch the Colorado riding community spurred on by Laurie and Chomper Montoya and I wonder what this community would do without such dedicated, hard working volunteers. Laurie is just everywhere responding to the needs of her community.

Every community has their champions, the people that always seem to be there when someone needs them, Laurie is one of them.

The latest thing that I watched take place was with the guys from Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, BikerDown, Rider Justice and the riding community of Denver was the feeding of 30+ frontline responders and others in need – on short notice!

I am humbled to be a part of a community that does such compassionate work.

So how do you stay human and connected while social distancing or self isolating?

Since there has been zero business, none, not even a little bit, I have been grant writing for Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre and trying to do good for others.

My biggest pleasure during this whole pandemic thing so far was last week when I had a local delivery company take some very special donuts to our hospital, RCMP station and all 3 Fire halls the other day.  Donuts made by the ladies of the community called Crooked Creek are known famously as Crooked Creek Crack – think Krispy Cream but better.

Knowing the smiles that were had by our frontline responders made me feel good.  The next biggest pleasure was giving my postal delivery gal a baggie of individually wrapped mints with a note that said thanks. Her smile made my heart happy.

I am trying to stay connected to humanity, but the way some people behave and talk to each other makes it challenging.  Finding other things to focus on and be grateful for is something I find myself seeking out regularly. It takes some of the sting out of the behaviours of some.

I’d love to know what you are doing to try to retain your humanity and your sanity! I am holding on for true social distancing season to start.

A little wind therapy right about now would go a long way to making me feel whole again.

But, just like this Virus has changed plans for everyone around the world, Mother Nature and Father Winter are making things mentally a little rougher for us Northwestern Alberta.  

Hoping where you are, you are safe and warm!

Please reach out to me on Facebook @ BeltDriveBetty I’d love to hear what you are doing to cope and stay human.