After a year of painstaking work, it appears that Wide Open Saloon is in the final stages and should be open this March just in time for riding season. Bikers and cagers who regularly drive to Castle Rock or Palmer Lake have been counting the days to have their local watering hole and restaurant back on Santa Fe (Hwy 85).

Owner Todd Hills has left no stone unturned when it comes to renovating this historical landmark in Sedalia. In fact, in my conversations with Todd, we confirmed that it probably would have been easier and more efficient to have torn down the whole building down and started over. Todd stated, the building has great bones and we wanted to keep the integrity of the older building and historical value.” We gave her a fresh look and have added some great additions including:

  • Brand new stage
  • All new seating
  • Extended patio that is enclosed
  • Motorcycle parking and so much more!

With renovating it has come with its own set of challenges and rumor is that this week Wide Open will get their final inspections and is hoping to soft open the doors on March 7th.

The name Wide Open Saloon is personal to the owner as in 2009 he hosted a Wednesday night bike night at Top-Gun Motorsports off 58th and I-25 and the name of the bar was Wide Open Saloon. Todd knows how to throw a party and create a biker friendly environment.

On behalf of Colorado Rider News, we want to WELCOME BACK Wide Open Saloon to our riding community and we hope that all our readers will stay updated on their website and Facebook pages. For more information please visit their website.