BikerDown Foundation helps injured motorcycle riders with the recovery aspect of their accident with a variety of services including but not limited to medical equipment, funeral assistance, limited financial assistance, legal assistance and victim fundraising.

BikerDown has received a 100% increase in requests for assistance since 2018 and 2019 and it has been challenging to meet the financial requests from accident victims.  The Board has reviewed our current Bylaws and has voted to implement a cap on financial assistance based on level of membership to BikerDown.

This policy change will still enable BikerDown to continue to help ALL riders in our chapter states and nationwide but will limit the assistance to riders that are not a member of BikerDown.  All non-members and FREE members will still have access to services that are important to them such as our BDFundme program that gives accident victims the ability to fundraiser without paying high credit card processing with companies such as Facebook and GoFundMe.  Free or non-members will still be able to get help with medical equipment, strategic planning and legal assistance.

President and Founder Laurie Montoya commented, that for 10 years BikerDown has done our very best to help ALL riders nationwide with the recovery aspect of their injuries, but for us to continue to help ALL riders, but especially in our chapter states, our Board felt that it was time that we detailed levels of assistance to ensure the stability and ability to help victims in 2020.

BikerDown offers several affordable levels of membership that provide you additional financial services but also provide you value when you need it most.  

Membership Levels

Free Membership – free members will have access to our BDFundMe fundraising, medical equipment, legal resources, strategic planning and receive our monthly newsletter.  Your free membership will also put your In Case of Emergency Information in the event we are contacted by law enforcement or the hospital we can work to get in touch with your family or designated contact.

Roadside ($35.00 per year) – Annual members will have access to all the services referenced in the FREE membership + will have our MTS nationwide towing and assistance with funeral expenses and financial assistance up to $100.00 

Roadside ($100 one-time payment or $10 per month $120) – This level includes all the services referenced in our Free and Roadside 35 yearly level + you will have access to increased financial assistance up to $500 maximum.

Roadside Plus ($35.00 per month) – BEST VALUE – this level includes all of the service included in the above referenced membership levels + you will have access to increased financial assistance up to $750 maximum + this level also includes the Aflac Accident Policy inclusive in this membership, Accidental Death Benefits and the peace of mind that in the event of an accident you have the coverages necessary to help get you thru a serious accident.

Roadside Plus 2 bike – 2 riders ($60.00 per month) – this is the same level as the Roadside Plus but for 2 bikes – 2 riders and you will receive a saving of 10.00.

To sign up please visit our website or contact us at