By Teresa Woods

My name is Teresa, I am 59 years old, and I am a Sin City Moto Girl.

I got my license at the age of 53 after riding on the back of my husband’s bike for ten years.  We talked about me getting a three-wheeler so that I did not need a license and could ride without a helmet.  However, I saw a couple riding one day and told my husband I wanted to ride a two-wheel; he booked my class the next day.  I passed my course two months later.  I purchased my bike on July 5th of that year and took it home two weeks later.  From that point on, I practiced every day after work to build my confidence and experience.  I was ready for the streets about a month later.  I spent the next year riding every opportunity I had with my husband.

In November of 2016, I started looking for other women who rode.  About a month later, I joined Open Road Girls, one of the founders of Sin City Moto Girls posted looking for women in the Las Vegas area; I responded.  In January of 2017, I attended my first tech night.   I was ecstatic, there were about 20 other women riders, and they were so welcoming.  I was accepted with open arms; I was now a badass too!  Brandi Moya has been my idol from day one.  Her loving acceptance and support have inspired me to be a better rider, have a positive outlook on life, and all-around better person.   

Joining Sin City Moto Girls has brought me many opportunities to learn about my bike and many rides, both with my spouse and without.  After only two years of riding, I now had the confidence for a long trip.  I had made a couple of smaller ones, but we were going to tackle Sturgis!  So, at 55, we headed off on a two-week road trip to Sturgis and back.  Had it not been for SCMG, I probably would have found a way to back out, but I was ready because of the confidence and experience.   What a fantastic trip it was!  3500 miles in 13 days to through seven states and memories to last a lifetime. 

I love that Sin City Moto Girls is about empowering women of all ages, ensuring that all are educated, and providing support in all facets of life.  All women who come into this group are seen as members, and if they move on to a riding club, MC, or other groups, they will always be a Sin City Moto Girl.

SCMG’s goal is to ensure women riders are endorsed.  All funds are returned to the community by way of classes and training.    We attend many charitable events within our community, and most recently, we raised $1,500.00 for an SCMG member that has been diagnosed with cancer.

If you are looking for a women’s riding group to ride with, consider following us on our Facebook page and join us for a ride.  I am confident that after attending a few events, you will want to be a more active participant in Sin City Moto Girls.