By Belt Drive Betty

Here in the great white north, the snow is beginning to fly, and we are getting ready for what could be a rough winter.  Our election has resulted in a Liberal minority Government, which for Western Canada where I live, is devastating.

Our oil is landlocked, and we are surrounded by governments that will not allow us to get our product to market.  For some reason, we are the kick boy for the world and yet our oil is produced as ethically and cleanly as any in the world. 

It’s made for a lot of very scared people.

In a province that already had 200,000 off work, layoff announcements have been coming in hard and heavy. Just in my community alone, 400 layoffs have been announced.

It’s tough. BUT we Albertans are tough, and we are determined to bounce back.  We know that tourism is one way to stimulate our economy and we are DETERMINED to see as many of you wonderful American riders come to Alberta and experience the diversity and magnificence of the riding here as possible! 

We have so much to offer you!

From the Badlands of Drumheller to the Rocky Mountains of Banff & Jasper, the wheat fields of Stettler to the open skies of the north, Alberta has something to offer every kind of rider. Dual Sport, Adventure Rider, Touring…we have hotels chains like CHOICE and little mom and pop places, all here to serve people looking for an energizing experience.

CHOICE Hotels will offer you up to 20% discount when you book on their website using our code!  00442520  And that code is good whether you are in your cage or on your bike – 12 months a year so go on – USE IT!!! 

We have every kind of dealership, food experience, spa experience, golfing….

We can offer you interesting rallies to attend, amazing scenery, incredible hospitality all on your way to Alaska, the last frontier!

If you would like information on a specific region of Alberta or Northern BC as part of your trip to Alaska, drop me a line: