Heading to Sturgis or on a road trip?  Make BikerDown’s Roadside Membership part of your checklist for $35.00 per year!

As riders begin to get ready for their summer road trips or that annual trip to Sturgis.  Please take a moment to think about do you have the right coverages on your bike in the event of a breakdown or accident?

There is nothing more frustrating than the anticipation of the ride of a lifetime, only to have that trip shattered with un-expected expenses such as an expensive motorcycle tow. 

How many of you have had to have your bike towed and cringed when your insurances’ roadside assistance brought the wrong type of tow truck.  Being out-of-state, riders deserve to know that when they need a tow, the right type of tow truck will come out and pick them up.

BikerDown’s roadside membership for $35.00 per year includes motorcycle towing in our membership that is now NATIONWIDE.  BikerDown has contracted with MTS, LLC to provide its BikerDown members a true Motorcycle Towing service. 

We ask all riders to sign-up today before you head out on your next trip join BikerDown for $35.00 per year.  This membership level will ensure that if you need towing, you are covered.

Please go to http://bikerdown.org/join-us/