By: Chomper Montoya

As many of you read in the February issue of CRN, the Randy Run for Fallen Riders dissolved the charity with the retiring of Randy Savely who was the inspiration and President of the Randy Run. This was a very tough decision for all the board members to come to. Lisa Gill, founding board member, said, “It’s like saying good-bye to a child. The Randy Run has been such a big part of many of our daily lives. We know we have to do this, but it is hard to say good-bye to an era.” As part of their by-laws and incorporation documents, the remaining funds in their operating account had to be disbursed to a non-profit with similar goals of helping injured motorcycle riders.

On February 23rd, in RRFB style, Randy, Lisa and Mark Gill (all founders of the Randy Run) had one last big party to say Bon Voyage to Randy Savely, who for the last couple months has been moving back to his hometown of Blythedale, Missouri. It was an emotional day for many of us that have known Randy and supported the Randy Run for Fallen Bikers. My wife, Laurie, was overwhelmed with sadness that her mentor Randy was moving back home, but happy for him that he knew what the next chapter of his life was.

Randy Run for Fallen Bikers partnered with BikerDown to Help Bikers Better, and the Board at the Randy Run called the President/Founder of BikerDown to come up to the front with them, and, with a lot of emotion in Randy and Lisa’ s voice, presented BikerDown Foundation with the remaining funds in the Randy Run’s operating account. A check in the amount of $16,961.

President Laurie Montoya, with tears streaming down her face, addressed the crowd and thanked all the Randy Run board members for the faith they have put into BikerDown. She also stated that BikerDown will continue the MISSION of the Randy Run, and that these funds will be used in the same manner and disbursed in the name of the Randy Run. She also asked that Lisa and Mark continue the tradition of the Randy Run every July and continue to work with BikerDown to help injured riders. She is also quoted as saying, “you don’t have to be a non-profit to raise funds for great causes.”