By: Mark “Munky Mark” Berman

I have been riding a motorcycle for 53 years, and driving a tow truck for 45 years. In those years, I have seen bikes dragged on flatbeds, dangled off the backs of wreckers and other situations that you wouldn’t believe.

10 years ago, I saw a need for a Motorcycle-only Towing & Transport company in the Denver and surrounding area. I started Motorcycle Transport Specialist in Pine Junction and was told by many that it would never work. But, I stuck to my guns and continued with my vision.

I shook many hands and gained the confidence with the motorcycle community in Denver. I have built great relationships with dealerships, small shops and companies in the motorcycle industry. But the most important relationships were with the riding community. I can’t tell you how good it feels to come up on a biker on the side of the road, help them get their bike off the road and safe at home. I have made amazing friendships with the stranded motorcycle riders who continue to use MTS whenever they need their bike moved.

Fast forward 10 years and MTS is spreading their wings and expanding this company. We now have trucks in Grand Junction, and have added more in Denver and Colorado Springs. We have also added an enclosed trailer for out-of-state transports. That means faster ETA’S, no waiting & sitting on the side of the road, and the same great service & care you expect from a motorcycle towing company. As riders ourselves, we understand the pride and joy you feel for your motorcycle. I have an A+ rating with The Denver Better Business Bureau, and we work with every insurance & roadside company- including AAA. We have achieved that level of rating because we don’t drop your bike and we strap it right the first time so there is no damage.

Mark “Munky Mark” Berman

Many motorcycle towing companies have tried to replicate the service that MTS provides, and they come into this industry quick and then disappear as fast as they came in. Buy a truck and a lift for the bikes doesn’t make someone a motorcycle towing company. Our motto is Always imitated never duplicated!

We expect excellence from our workers and from ourselves. The people I have chosen to work at Motorcycle Transport all ride and I would trust them with my bike in an emergency. It took a few years to pick the people, but I have chosen employees who give a damn about motorcycles!

MTS is talking with the local police departments to be on the rotation for the unfortunate times when accidents happen. We are seeing such an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents. MTS is also looking at a few buildings where we will offer inside storage rather than have bikes left out in the weather at the impounds around the front range. MTS will also provide this service for those local riders who don’t have facilities to keep their bikes through the winters.

We are the original Motorcycle Towing & Transport Specialist in Colorado with a $1,000,000 coverage on every bike. NEVER a hookup or mileage fee, we charge a flat fee. No rush hour traffic fees or wait time charges.

Thank you, Denver and Colorado riders, for making us your premier Motorcycle Towing & Transport company.