Colorado Rider News is celebrating our 1-year anniversary, and as I look back on where we started and where we are this December,
we here at CRN should be so proud of the publication we have created.

Laurie Montoya, Publisher

CRN was created to promote and bring to light the great Biker Owned Businesses out there that are sometimes overlooked by other publications because they can’t afford high advertising costs. As a small business owner myself, I have spent years asking publications to feature my businesses, but it always came with a high cost. Colorado Rider News has featured over 18 Biker Owned Business, and our FREE B.O.B Directory has given business owners an opportunity to increase their revenue stream by being in the paper each month for FREE.

CRN has brought on some great new advertisers and featured Colorado destinations that are of interest to riders. We have added 3 new writers to our staff, who bring diversity to the magazine. Our features on local riding charities such as BikerDown, Randy Run and Tigger Bounce focus on groups working on our riding community and keeping the funds here in Colorado.

I am most proud of our features on riding groups such as Denver Bike Life and Mile High Sisters as well as motorcycle clubs such as Sober Souls MC who tell their stories not only with the goal of unifying and bringing understanding to our riding community, but also of our differences and our similarities: our Love of the Ride.

Merry Christmas!