In 1972, Dick DeVries brought his passion for 4-wheeling and the outdoors to the west side of Denver hoping to attract a clientele with a similar passion so he could grow a business. Four To Go thrived with making modifications to the early style Ford Broncos and Jeep CJ 5’s and then followed the trends of Jeeps and trucks ever since. Opening in 1972 makes Four To Go the oldest ‘Off Road Shop’ in Denver. In 2014, Four To Go decided to branch out and partner with Arctic Cat to bring in a line of ATV’s, side- by-sides, and snowmobiles. This made Four To Go the only Full Service Arctic Cat Dealer in the Denver Metro area. While there have been growing pains, economic ups-and-downs, and lots of lessons learned, the partnership seems to be a good move. The passion for the outdoors remains, and Four To Go continues to work with all kinds of 4-wheeling – whether it be in a Jeep, a side-by-side, an ATV, or in the snow.

In 1962, Edgar Hetteen had a passion for snowmobiles in a tiny town in Minnesota called Thief River Falls. His passion and innovation (along with many engineers, racers and other employees) found a way through all the hiccups of running a business, economic flow, and issues with employees / founders. Hetteen’s words, “We were all so dedicated to the little beast we called the snowmobile. That’s all we talked about. That’s all we dreamed about.” But somehow they figured things out, continuing their passion with innovation and persistence. Arctic Cat has had their share of ups and downs, but they seem to have emerged a strong company committed to bringing the newest technology and innovation, along with horsepower, to the sled that can leap mountains and follow trails for hundreds of miles. Arctic Cat’s newest innovations attempt to allow the regular guy to get out there and ride like a pro, to side-hill, and to high point the steepest of peaks without any modifications.

Four To Go had to adapt very quickly to a new clientele with different expectations in order to make it through the first snowmobile season. The snowmobile market is a volatile one that is very dependent on Mother Nature, snowpack, and attitudes. It is driven by peer pressure and a ‘more is better’ attitude. On a good year in Colorado, snowmobiling lasts about 4 1⁄2 – 5 months. People with snowmobiles and limited riding seasons tend to want broken sleds fixed quickly and parts delivered to them quickly so they don’t lose any riding time. Snowmobile riders like to have fun, to be free, to enjoy the clean mountain air, and they can get frustrated with the smallest of problems with their machine.

For the 2019 model year, Arctic Cat unveiled their newest technological advance for the Mountain Cat: the Alpha sled with the single- beam rear suspension. The monorail allows the sled to move easier and float in the deep powder much better. The single beam has reduced weight, and the Ascender platform has allowed more horsepower to get to the ground. The new 3” lug track gives traction in the deepest of powder while still remaining comfortable. All of the professional riders have said ‘It takes a day to learn how to ride this sled, but after that you can go anywhere.’ The Arctic Cat Alpha really is in a class of its own.

Four To Go has been a company, since day 1, that allows the customer to decide what they want. They strive day after day to educate the consumer with pros and cons of each product so they know what they are buying and what fits their personality best. It is a ‘no pressure’ atmosphere that allows consumers to ask questions and feel comfortable. Four To Go strives to create trust between the clientele and the staff so consumers feel confident in their choices.

With Four To Go’s commitment to customer service and Arctic Cat’s commitment to bringing around new technology, emphasis on quality and durability, this partnership should continue to be a win-win for both companies in the foreseeable future.