Last year, two old school bikers set out to open a biker bar in Golden, CO at the Old Susie’s, and this October 13th will mark Rob and Mark’s 1-year anniversary. To bikers this was hallowed ground, and they wondered if the new owners would understand that history and preserve that old time biker flare with a fresh look.

The building was run down, and many others had tried to turn it into something other than a biker bar with no success. The spirit of Old Susie’s, many say, wouldn’t allow it to ever be anything but a biker bar. The new owners quickly realized this was no easy task and a coat of paint wasn’t going to be enough to get Dirty Dogs open. After months of renovations, on October 13th, Dirty Dogs was open for business. Decorated in true biker fashion, it took only minutes for the biker community to embrace Dirty Dogs as THE BIKER BAR in our community and spread the word. Dirty Dogs always has a full house during the week and especially on the weekends. The staff is ready to serve and the food is always hot and fresh. Entertainment and good music are always on the agenda, and Dirty Dogs has the space and parking to host any event.

On behalf of Colorado Rider News, we ask all riders to join Rob and Mark on October 13th for their 1-year anniversary. They have a full schedule of entertainment and Bag Lady Sue’s “Bag of Broads” comedy tour will be performing as well.