By: Stormy

On September 21, Friday night around 5 p.m., after an afternoon motorcycle ride, we stopped at the Piper Inn, 2251 South Parker Road in Denver.

We parked our motorcycles in the designated area in front by the main door. Both sides of patio (non-smoking and smoking) were full as well as the bar and table inside. Lucky for us a patio table on the nonsmoking side opened for us to sit.

We sat and within a few minutes the table was cleared off and wiped down. The Piper Inn was busy and had a great buzz with people talking, laughing, and music. Server was back in few minutes with menus and took our drink order. Server had a full section and working efficiently and calmly and always had a smile. Drinks were brought to our table in a timely manner. We order Chinese Wings-medium and Fried Rice Combo. The hot and delicious food was served within 20 minutes. Fried rice was cooked perfectly and had a nice mix of chicken, pork, and shrimp. The Chinese style wings were hot, crispy, and coated with the Piper Inn’s signature house blend of Chinese spices, soy sauce, and love.

The server came back and check on us after a couple of bites and asked if we wanted another round of drinks. Nice of the sever to offer water when we did not want another round. Total bill for 2 cocktails, 10 wings and full order or fried rice including tip was just under $40. Love the atmosphere and energy.

A few days later September 26 at 6:30 p.m. we had a ladies night event in the patio area. The second visit confirmed the good experience. We had Amanda as our server and she was new, but she was fast and efficient and more importantly fun. She took selfies with all of us. There were fifteen of us and Amanda got all of orders correct and split the bills with no problem.

Piper Inn is considered biker friendly for there are plenty of motorcycle parking and has a motorcycle theme throughout the establishment. The Piper just celebrated their 50-year anniversary and they cater to the biker community and every type of rider is welcome. Their staff is a big part of The Piper experience and the food is fast and well-priced.

The Piper Inn has an interesting history to why it’s called the Piper Inn. It has been in business for over fifty years and was originally located near the airstrip.