By: Don Enninga, ASM Instructor/ABATE of Colorado Northeast Coordinator

Some people love the online learning options available in so many courses today. Others prefer to sit in a face-to- face in person class and still other may prefer a combination of the two. Time, cost and your preferences will lead Enninga you to the type of course that best fits your needs. Recognizing this, Accident Scene Management has announced a Blended Learning Accident Scene Management Bystander Assistance course.

Don Enninga

What is Blended Learning? Blended Learning will allow students to take part of the class online at their own pace, and then book the hands on portion of the class with an Instructor. A student will purchase/take the online portion of the course on the ASM website for $35 and they will have a month to complete it.
They will then have 6 months to complete the hands-on portion of the class with an Instructor in order to become certified (receive a patch, certificate of completion and CEUs). They will not receive a patch and official certification without completing the hands-on portion. Once a student completes the online course they will receive a pdf certificate of completion for the online portion, which they will then need to present to the instructor teaching the hands- on portion. ASM will take care of collecting evaluations, issuing CEUs, sending out patches and full course completion to students. The class is a lot like (and also serves as) a Basic Refresher so students that have taken the ASM course in the last year or two can do the hands on portion in person.

Traditional face-to-face Instructor Led courses will also continue to be available to accommodate the more traditional student that prefers the interaction that occurs in person. These classes require 7 hours of instructor. A typical day would also add an hour for lunch. Scheduling for Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 for ASM classes is ongoing so, as you decide that this would be a huge benefit to you and your group, getting your class on the schedule sooner than later will ensure that your needs can be met. Generally, a Saturday works well for most people but classes can be scheduled on the occasional Sunday, or an afternoon into an evening class.

The ASM course requires a space large enough for the number of students to sit, to do their skills, a place to project the course material on a screen, and related equipment. There may also be a need to provide lodging and travel expenses depending on class location and timing.

ASMI Classes

The Accident Scene Management class is $85 per student. There may be options to help reduce the cost to students. One idea is to get a sponsor for the class to help pay part of the cost. For instance, if you could get a business or individual to sponsor $25 or $50 or so of each student attending, that would cut down the cost for each person. There may be foundations, some groups pay a portion of the class and some even host fundraisers. Other entities that might be willing to provide grant funding to assist with class costs too such as insurance companies or law firms.

Inquiries for setting up classes can be made at: or by phone at 970-768- 5599. ABATE of Colorado, a motorcycle rights organization, has offered many of the classes and can be reached at or 303-789-3264 office. Act now to get your class scheduled!