By Joe Davis

As a motorcycle rider, I’m sure life insurance has been on your mind at one point or another.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of motorcycle accidents. You may have even heard that ER doctors call motorcycles “donor cycles.”

Motorcycle statistics

According to 2014 statistics, it was estimated that you’re 27% more likely to die in a crash if you drive a motorcycle (per driven mile) than someone who drives in a passenger vehicle and 5% more likely to be injured.

Those brutal statistics would make anyone think about the increase of cost for life insurance on those of us that ride a motorcycle.

Assuming your health is in order, you may qualify for term life insurance, whole life or accidental insurance and still get the best possible rates. I bring good news! Driving a motorcycle will not increase your premiums! On the other hand, if you smoke or have a health condition that’s an entirely different story.

To best answer your life insurance questions, you need to contact a great independent agent such as Joe Davis at (720) 546-0257 or Ray at (720) 663-8826 to go through your options. We have life insurance policies that offer some type of coverage after an accident, even if you’re just severely injured. Call, let’s talk about life!