Russ Young • 720-360-8955

Tell us about yourself: I grew up in a small town in Wyoming, went to the school of hard knocks, and sold door-to-door for 10 years all over the country. I also worked in the oil fields and construction. I am married and have 3 great kids. I have been living in Colorado since 2012, and my credit card processing company wanted me to start a territory in Colorado.

How long have you been riding? My first bike was a beat up Honda Goldwing; it had a Ferring, and I liked the tunes onboard. That was back in 1990.

Do you ride in a group or independently? I am the Founder and President of White Horse Riders Motorcycle Ministry. We have several members and patch holders. We focus on food, clothing, and fellowship evangelism on the streets locally. We join local runs and love to support all the groups and organizations.

Name a place you would like to ride to? Crazy as this sounds, I have not ridden to Sturgis yet, so that’s on my list. Want to ride in Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Tell us about your business and how long have you been in business? The company has been in business for 10 years. It’s now listed in the top 1,000 companies in First Data Worldwide. Our approach to every business is custom; every business has similarities but also is different, and each owner is. We try to ask questions to uncover the needs and concerns of each owner and see if we can meet these needs.

What do you want the biker community to know about you? Biker code goes hand in hand with how you approach business. I live by the code of loyalty, honor and respect. Helping a fellow biker business become more successful is as honorable as pulling over for a biker on the side of the road. Truth matters in business, and saving a biker money on their credit card process is what I do best. Lastly, you don’t know if I’m any good till the problem starts, so this is when you find out if my customer service is as good as I said.

Name 3 things that separate you from competitors? We own more networks, offer month to month processing, and equipment at cost with free accounting tools to help with reconciliation. We are also local, so when issues come up, you can call me, and I will make sure your problems get resolved.